Leading US Cable Provider Uses VoiceVault’s Voice Biometrics to Authenticate over Sixty Thousand Callers Monthly

December 2012

VoiceVault announces that their voice biometric identity verification solution is being used by a leading US Cable provider to facilitate the authentication of retail customers contacting their customer service center

Global Voice Biometrics Leader

November 2012

The Nuance voice biometrics solutions eliminate the need for pin passwords or interrogation-based authentication methods, making it ideal for use in a wide range of markets such as financial services, telecoms, healthcare and government.

Facebook snaps up Face.com.

July 2012

After months of rumour, it is confirmed that Facebook has acquired Israeli biometric company Face.com, for an undisclosed sum.

Face.com's platform is focused on supporting web and mobile services, by performing facial recognition via the cloud. The company, who is already a collaborator with Facebook, says it scans billions of photos monthly, and has helped tag hundreds of millions of faces to date.

NIST latent fingerprint report shows improvements

June 2012

NIST has released its latest evaluation report into the performance of latent fingerprint matching technologies, showing a good improvement over earlier tests

Global Launch of Tactivo™ for iPhone and iPad by Precise Biometrics

June 2012

Tactivo is a smart casing for tablets and smartphones that includes an embedded fingerprint and smart card reader. Together with different types of apps, Tactivo enables government agencies and companies to maintain a high level of security when employees use mobile units to access sensitive information

The first iris recognition scanner from India

April 2012

BioEnable, a supplier of biometric products in India, has launched what it claims is the first iris recognition scanner developed and manufactured in India.

BioEnable Iris one is a computer-based USB plug and play device and captures high resolution iris images as per international standards, the company said.

The product is a single eye iris scanner and has been designed to look similar to with a barcode scanner used commonly in retail stores

Taiwanese passengers can use eGates

January 2012

Taiwan has introduced automated immigration eGates at three of its airports and one seaport. The eGates – designed to speed up travel clearance for Taiwanese citizens – can be used by citizens 14 years and over with valid passports and registered biometric data

Neurotechnology released three SDKs for biometric systems in smartphones and other mobile devices

January 2012

Neurotechnology, a provider of high-precision biometric identification technologies, announced their new line of biometric technologies, including VeriFinger SDK for fingerprint biometrics, VeriLook SDK for face biometrics and MegaMatcher SDK for multi-biometric systems using face and fingerprints in combination.

BioLink Solutions Releases New Version of IDenium System

December 2011

BioLink IDenium is a network biometric authentication and Single Sign-On (SSO) solution integrated into Microsoft Active Directory (AD). The product enables companies to replace unreliable and expensive passwords-based systems with biometric or multi-factor authentication in Windows/domain, corporate applications and information systems.
It encompasses the newest mathematical algorithms of fingerprint templates matching and a number of advanced features:
Support of biometric authentication on web pages that provides reliable protection from unauthorized access to cloud-based enterprise systems, web portals, websites, etc.

Neurotechnology Releases VeriLook Surveillance 2.0 SDK for Realtime Video Face ID

December 2011

Neurotechnology announced the availability of VeriLook Surveillance 2.0, a software development kit (SDK) for biometric face identification using live video streams from single or multiple high-resolution digital surveillance cameras. VeriLook Surveillance 2.0 provides real-time identification of faces and can be used in a wide range of surveillance systems for retail and commercial areas, entrance monitoring and counting, automated time-attendance systems, law enforcement applications and transportation security.

It is quick and easy to upgrade security with New electronic lock


Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies has introduced PegaSys Lite, a simple, compact and cost-effective way to upgrade doors with mechanical locks to fully electronically-controlled access solutions. PegaSys Lite is available in two versions: ‘PIN’ which allows access via a keypad and ‘Prox’ for access via a key fob.

Ekey with new control unit for fingerprint solutions


The new reg - Ekey stores up to 99 multi-finger allows the use of up to four doors, gates and alarm system and has different access time windows with access protocol.

AuthenTec Fingerprint Technology featured in two new Fujitsu NFC-enabled Mobile Phones from NTT DOCOMO


AuthenTec announced that two new waterproof phones now available from NTT DOCOMO, INC leverage multiple touch-powered features of AuthenTec’s AES1750 smart fingerprint sensor. The two new Fujitsu phones — the docomo STYLE series F-02D and F-04D -- integrate a waterproof AES1750 smart sensor that utilizes AuthenTec’s durable TouchStone™ packaging for touch-powered features including convenient fingerprint security, user personalization and faster, more secure NFC-based mobile wallet payments.

Suprema - FBI PIV Certified Fingerprint Live Scanner


Suprema has launched RealScan-G1, a compact fingerprint live scanner with FBI PIV certification and live finger detection technology.RealScan-G1 features an IP54 certified rugged structure which provides extra durability under harsh conditions and it has USB2.0 interface for its power supply and data transfer.

Neurotechnology - MegaMatcher 4.2 Multi-biometric and MegaMatcher on card 3.0 SDKs released


Fingerprint, iris and face biometrics can be used in any combination, including tri-modal verification on smart card
Neurotechnology announced two major releases: MegaMatcher 4.2 and MegaMatcher On Card 3.0 Software Development Kits (SDK). The MegaMatcher 4.2 SDK includes the updated VeriFinger 6.4 fingerprint identification engine, VeriLook 5.1 facial identification engine and VeriEye 2.4 iris identification engine – all of which are designed to be used individually or in any combination for the development of fast, reliable biometric solutions.

Zvetco Biometrics FIPS-201 compliant Verifi C500 USB Smart Card Reader


Zvetco Biometrics announced the FIPS-201 approved Verifi™C500 USB Smart Card Reader, the Verifi™C500 a logical addition for FBI and FIPS-201 approved combination readers (smart card/biometric) product line, further expanding the capabilities of Zvetco's award-winning Verifi™ brand readers.

DigitalPersona - new generation of biometric fingerprint sensors

Oktober 2011

DigitalPersona brings out a new generation fingerprint sensors, especially for battery-powered movable identification devices. Fingerprint modules with high efficiency for portable ID terminals.

Precise Biometrics and G&D - Smartcard

Oktober 2011

Precise Biometrics has entered into a partnership agreement with Giesecke & Devrient (G&D) that will provide Precise's on-card fingerprint comparison technology (Match-on-Card) for use on G&D smart-cards.

AOptix Releases InSight® Duo - Simultaneous Iris and Face Biometric System


InSight® Duo, the world’s first biometric system with simultaneous ISO standards-compliant iris and face capture.  Positioned to meet the high throughput requirements of border and aviation security while providing a superior user experience, the InSight Duo delivers effortless iris and face capture within seconds from a distance of 2 meters.

Human Recognition Systems (HRS) - Enhanced 3G feature for access control & workforce management favourite, MSite


Human Recognition Systems (HRS) is pleased to announce its latest product development, MSite 3.6 with enhanced 3G capability.
The MSite 3.6 access control solution now has no infrastructure dependency apart from power so the technology's latest enhancement makes it more 'plug and play' than ever before. For example, turnstiles can be controlled remotely from office locations by an easy-to-use online dashboard letting staff provide access for confirmed visitors or revoking access if, say, workers are banned from the site.

Actuator Systems releases next generation affordable ruggedized biometric pin code lock


Actuator Systems new ReliTouch:  the most advanced weatherproof biometric lock available today and the next generation of our locks that are currently in use by UPS, DHL, NASA, BlueGreen Resorts and many others.


Biometric Signature ID Inc. partners with Valtech


BioSig-ID™ dynamic biometric technology for identity proofing and the uSignOnline electronic signature application will now be leveraged by Valtech

biometrics-fingerprint.info moved


The search portal of biometric products moves to the Eifel...

Fujitsu Releases Solution for Consolidating Internal Data for Independent Administrative Institutions


Fujitsu today announced the release of a new edition of its "IPKNOWLEDGE" internal information consolidation solution for public organizations, which boasts a deployment track record of over 1,000 systems that has been expanded and enhanced for use by independent administrative institutions in Japan.

Human Recognition Systems (HRS) - Airport Security and Passenger Flow Solutions


Human Recognition Systems (HRS) is a UK company finding innovative and progressive ways to adapt 21st century technology and cutting edge systems to advance security, customer service and efficiencies for Airports around the globe deploying leading edge biometric and behavioural analytics technology to reduce costs, improve security and increase efficiency in airports

Gunnebo delivers closed cash handling to Lidl


Gunnebo Nordic AB and Lidl Sweden KB signed a contract for delivery of Gunnebo´s closed cash handling system SafePay ™ to 21 of Lidl stores in Sweden.
The agreement includes Gunnebo's newly launched closed cash handling concept, which means a fully enclosed cash handling chain, all the way from the time of payment to the counting center.

Talented IT Youngsters Adapt Games Sensor Bar for Movement Control of Banknote Processing Machines from Giesecke & Devrient


In the record time of just four days the young IT specialists reprogrammed components from a commercially available games console to operate G&D banknote processing systems by voice or movement.

Fulcrum Biometrics mobile fingerprint scanner


The Fulcrum Biometrics FbF mobileOne is an injection-molded sleeve/cradle that carries a scanner sensor, a 30-pin iPhone connector, and its own rechargeable power supply.
The user installs the mobileOne app onto their iPhone or iPod Touch (the latter will work when connected via a Wi-Fi network), inserts the device into the sleeve, and is ready to start scanning prints. The sensor provides a 256-bit grayscale, 508 dpi image, which is transmitted wirelessly to AFIS.

First Contract Award for Datastrip's Automatic Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS)


Datastrip, a world leader in biometric identity management solutions is pleased to announce it has been awarded a contract to supply its new Automatic Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS) solution to an undisclosed African country for a major national project.

Diplomat Safe with Touch Screen Look


Diplomat Safe with touch screen digital look, user´s code: 4 to 16 digits available, built-in alarm, paralysis function when 5 wrong codes tried, refind modern design

VoiceVerified at SpeechTEK 2011


Attendees of SpeechTEK 2011 conference held in NYC, NY from August 8-10, can sample the latest speech technology products, talk to developers, and speak about the technology. Attendees will have the opportunity to evaluate speech products in the areas of speech application development tools, analytics, and voice biometrics. Conference judges will issue ratings of the tools to provide further guidance to attendees. Please come visit our VoiceVerified exhibitor booth!

DAP Technologies Adds Windows Embedded Handheld 6.5 and Biometrics Module to Its M2000 Rugged Handheld


DAP Technologies’ M2000, a pocket-sized rugged handheld that scans barcodes, is now available with the Microsoft Windows Embedded Handheld 6.5 operating system and a new add-on rugged biometrics module with fingerprint and credential-reading capabilities.

CEM Systems secure new €200 million Sky Court at Budapest Airport

August 2011

CEM Systems, part of Tyco Security Products, today announced that the CEM AC2000
system at Budapest Airport, Hungary, has been successfully extended to cover the new
€200 million terminal at the airport – the ‘Sky Court’. The extension was installed by
Approved Reseller, Bull Hungary.

Anviz announces New, Faster VF30/VP30


Anviz announces New, Faster VF30/VP30 with door sensor interface, long distance Wiegand transfer, fingerprint image display.
Anviz proudly announces that new version of VF30/VP30 upgraded with the latest TI hardware platform is available now!

To further improve VF30/VP30 the performance to make it the most popular and professional access control reader for installers, now you can have the following updates with no extra cost

AssureSign - Electronic Signature Solutions to automate the signature process for CRM 2011


AssureSign LLC, a leader in electronic signature technology, announced today that it has been named a technology Early Adopter by Microsoft, in recognition of making its AssureSign electronic signature software compatible with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011.

AssureSign leads the electronic signature market with easy to deploy tools that can seamlessly integrate electronic signature applications with Microsoft Dynamics® CRM as well as Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Outlook and several other Microsoft-based applications from other Microsoft partners.

biometrics-fingerprint.info need bigger rooms



A new portal for biometrics

October 2010

On 10/10/2010 biometrics-fingerprint.info starting a new portal for biometric and fingerprint products. It gives you the opportunity to find, many different manufacturers, vendors and products related to biometrics in a centralized place. Clearly organized by sector, such...  http://www.openpr.com/news/148157/New-Search-Engine-for-biometric-products.html


App for Mobile Phones

October 2010

Android App secures mobile iris-Scan.The U.S. start-up Blue Planet Apps an Android app, has developed the smartphones biometrically secured against unauthorized access.


TWIN SOFT at the "Voice + IP Germany" in Frankfurt

October 2010

Ratingen - The recently formed TWINSOFT Biometrics & Co. KG at the Frankfurt Messe Congress for Business Communication "Voice + IP Germany" 02 and 03 November 2010 to participate. As part of the presentations will introduce the TWIN SOFT interesting facts and news from the field of biometrics


Fingerprints for foreigners

September 2010

Million foreigners in Germany have to submit fingerprints. The Interior Ministry is planning an electronic residence card for all persons are not from the EU.


Hiltes GmbH and TST Biometrics works together

March 2010

Leer / Munich / Gerolzhofen - A high customer acceptance and high levels of satisfaction with the dealers: This positive verdict HILT Software GmbH of Leer and the Munich-based technology developer TST Biometrics from their cooperation with regard to paying by fingerprint at the point of sale. After the good response from the practice of the two companies will strengthen their cooperation now.