Handelsvertretung biometrics-fingerprint.info Klaus Pillokeit General Terms and Conditions for Purchasing Advertising Space

§ 1 Definition of Terms / Conditions of Participation
(1)  Advertising space:is a clearly defined space (width, height), in a particular place on the website. Lessor:Is a website operator who provides advertising space on his website via a lease.Leaser:Is a person/company/corporation, who/which books advertising space on a website (of the seller).Lease price:Is the amount, which the leaser pays to the Handelsvertretung biometrics-fingerprint.info Klaus Pillokeit per month.Advertising space price:Is the amount which the lessor, Handelsvertretung biometrics-fingerprint.info Klaus Pillokeit, brings to account per month of the lease.
(2) Every contracting party confirms that they are of age, contractually capable and a trader. Every contracting party is obligated to provide complete and truthful information and to inform the other respective contracting partner immediately regarding any changes to this information. Handelsvertretung biometrics-fingerprint.info Klaus Pillokeit reserves the right to exclude individual leasers, particularly if these have violated the applicable law or these General Terms and Conditions.

§ 2  Contents
(1) The websites of the contracting partners may not carry out any illegal activities or call upon others to do so. Offensive, threatening, obscene and discriminating contents are prohibited. Pornographic contributions are only permitted in a child secure area (see www.jugendschutz.net), which is not available at Handelsvertretung biometrics-fingerprint.info Klaus Pillokeit.
(2) Contributions which violate copyright or other property rights of third parties are just as inadmissable.
(3) The contracting party is obligated to provide its contents according to the provisions of German law and legislation and to publish an imprint on their website according to the legal requirements stipulated in §6 TDG. The lessor is solely responsible for all the links integrated into his website.
(4) The lessor is not permitted to:- process or manipulate source codes, which have been made available to Handelsvertretung biometrics-fingerprint.info Klaus Pillokeit - simulate an increased number of visitors, or to manipulate the number of visitors- simulate higher click-through rate, or to manipulate the click-through rate
(5) The lessor is permitted to turn down forms of advertising or advertising material. In such a case the leaser will be asked to make improvements and the affected advertising form or material will no longer be displayed, until the improvements have been concluded. In this case the leaser is not entitled to compensation of any kind.
(6) The leaser may not include any advertising for a website, which is in competition with the lessor’s website. Furthermore the leaser is not permitted to misuse his advertising space for "negative advertising".
(7) Advertising for websites with erotic contents may only be placed in places which are specifically made available for this purpose. In the event of non-compliance with this provision the lessor is entitled to claim for damages. In any event a penalty amounting to 10,000 euro’s is to be paid.

§ 3  Copyrights 
(1) Each contracting party confirms that the contents of their website does not infringe upon copyrights of third parties.
(2) With regard to visual material, which has been created by Handelsvertretung biometrics-fingerprint.info Klaus Pillokeit or a third party commissioned by biometrics-fingerprint.info Klaus Pillokeit, all rights are reserved solely by Handelsvertretung biometrics-fingerprint.info Klaus Pillokeit.

§ 4 Liability
(1) Handelsvertretung biometrics-fingerprint.info Klaus Pillokeit accepts no liability whatsoever for the contents of banner ads, advertising images, texts, links to websites belonging to third parties and website contents. The contracting party assumes liability for the material which they have included and exempts the other contracting partners from any claims by third parties. The aforementioned exemptions are, in particular, but not exclusively, related to claims which are asserted by third parties due to the violation of copyrights or comparable rights, due to the violation of competition law provisions as well as due to offensive or other illegal contents. The indemnity obligation includes, in particular, the absorption of appropriate costs of legal action.
(2) Handelsvertretung biometrics-fingerprint.info Klaus Pillokeit does not assume any liability whatsoever for the fact that contracting partner websites can be accessed.
(3) In each case Handelsvertretung biometrics-fingerprint.info Klaus Pillokeit is not liable in cases in which data, which the Handelsvertretung biometrics-fingerprint.info Klaus Pillokeit has made available, is lost. 

§ 5 Data Protection
(1) The contracting partners provide their consent that Handelsvertretung biometrics-fingerprint.info Klaus Pillokeit stores the data which has been provided by them, including in a machine-readable form. This data is only processed and stored by Handelsvertretung biometrics-fingerprint.info Klaus Pillokeit for purposes of application, as well as account settlement, and for inquiries by Internet users. Furthermore Handelsvertretung biometrics-fingerprint.info Klaus Pillokeit gathers demographic data regarding the utilisation of advertising space, which is stored in anonymised form, but does not allow for any conclusions to be made about individual persons. Handelsvertretung biometrics-fingerprint.info Klaus Pillokeit is not obligated to immediately delete data of contracting partners in terms of concluded procedures, but is rather entitled to continue to store this information.

§ 6 Conditions of Payment
(1) The price for advertising space will be negotiated between the leaser and Handelsvertretung biometrics-fingerprint.info Klaus Pillokeit, prior to commencement of a contract, and is binding for the entire contractual period.
(2)   Payment  to biometrics-fingerprint.info Klaus Pillokeit by the leaser: The amounts calculated by Handelsvertretung biometrics-fingerprint.info Klaus Pillokeit are, respectively, payable in advance, and at the latest on the day of publication and are to be paid during the entire contractual period (by transfer or check). Reimbursements of payments are only possible if the contractual period has not yet begun.

§ 7  Contract Duration / Cancellation
(1) Advertising space can also be leased as a package.(see Advertising Space Price List)
(2) Leasing contracts with a lease price of less than 20,00 euro’s / month (excl. statutory value added tax) have a contract duration of 12 months. The contract can be cancelled by both parties at any time, before expiration of the respective contract duration. Should the contract not be cancelled in time, it will automatically be extended by 12 months respectively.
(3) Leasing contracts with a duration of one, three or six months can be cancelled by both parties at any time, at the end of the month. Should the contract not be cancelled in time, it will automatically be extended by 1 month respectively.
(4)     Cancellation on the part of the leaser is possible at any time in case of a cancellation before expiration of the agreed upon contract duration, the leaser will be reimbursed with the remaining amount. The current month will however, in this case, be charged in full.
(5) The cancellation must be provided in writing. If a cancellation is provided via e-mail, an acknowledgement of receipt by biometrics-fingerprint.info Klaus Pillokeit is required, in order for the cancellation to be valid. (Address: see Imprint)
(6) Handelsvertretung biometrics-fingerprint.info Klaus Pillokeit is entitled to cancel the contract (also without notice) at any time, should complaints against one of the contracting partners or a violation of the General Terms and Conditions exist, or the payer have an outstanding payment of at least 1 month, or a violation of an applicable law exists.
(7) If the lessor negotiates with two different prospective leasers about the same advertising space, receipt of payment is the factor which decides which prospective leaser receives the lease contract.

§ 8 Non-compliance with the General Terms and Conditions / Non-payments
(1) Additional charges will be made In case of failure to comply with the General Terms and Conditions, or in case of non-payment.
§ 9 Other Regulations 
(1) The utilisation of this website is subject to German federal law. The European Union’s e-commerce guideline regulations, or rather the German laws regarding the duty to supply information and conclusion of the contract which implement these, are not valid insofar as they are not mandatory. The place of jurisdiction for any legal proceedings is Lüdinghausen, insofar as the contracting partner is a trader. Handelsvertretung biometrics-fingerprint.info Klaus Pillokeit is entitled to take legal action in the contracting partner’s place of general jurisdiction. Handelsvertretung biometrics-fingerprint.info Klaus Pillokeit will not circulate any information belonging to contracting partners, if this is not desired by them (with the exception of requests by prosecution authorities or governmental institutions).
(2)  Handelsvertretung biometrics-fingerprint.info Klaus Pillokeit reserves the right the change these General Terms and Conditions in an acceptable way. The currently applicable conditions of participation can be viewed via the www.biometrics-fingerprint.info website at any time.
(3) biometrics-fingerprint.info Klaus Pillokeit is entitled to change, delete or completely cancel contents and services without notice. It is the responsibility of biometrics-fingerprint.info Klaus Pillokeit to decide in which way, form and manner popups and / or links to other websites are included.
(4) Handelsvertretung biometrics-fingerprint.info Klaus Pillokeit apply special payment and verification systems. In this case the General Terms and Conditions of the respective providers are valid.
(5) Modifications of the contract have to be made in writing. Likewise the cancellation of this written form clause has to be made in writing. Should provisions contained in this contract be or become wholly or partially ineffective, this does not affect the validity of the remaining provisions. In fact, the contracting partners are obligated to replace the ineffective provision with one which most closely meets the economically intended purpose of the contract.